Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making Replicas: Getting Started.

Hello, My name is Max and I am here to teach you how to take your favorite weapon, armor, or item, from a movie or video game, and fabricate it in real life. This process is lengthy and can be difficult, but the end result is worth the work. The website, the contains a wealth of information pertaining to making replicas and loads of information about this hobby can be found there.

To start the creation of your first replica prop, you will only need a few things.
-Cardstock: Most people use 110 lb cardstock so their creations don’t warp, as in lean to one direction or have squished areas.

- Cutting tools: Most people use razor pens and exacto knives and those are highly recommended for their ease of use and cutting accuracy. If you are not allowed to use knives, a nice sharp pair of scissors will work as well.

- Glue: You have a few options for glue. Some people like myself use hot glue, others use super glue, and I have even heard of some people using fabric glue. Basically you need something that dries quickly and strong.

-Pepakura Designer and Viewer: These programs are needed to open and use .pdo files and print them out so you can make your armor with them.

Link: (At the moment you will only need the free versions, you only need the paid versions if you plan to 3D model or get a CraftROBO machine, which I will go over later.)

Now that you have your materials you will need files for the pepakura program containing the parts you want to build.
Halo Pepakura Files:
-Reach File Thread:
-All-in-One Halo File Pack:
-Other files can be found here:

Fallout Files:

Gears of War Files:

Still don’t have what you want?
If you still can’t find it, you can request a 3D model or Pepakura file in the threads below, however it may take a while, or not happen at all.
3D Modeling Requests:
Pepakura File Requests:

If you really want that file you can’t find anywhere, you can try to make it yourself, or try to make files so others in the community can use them, here’s a great tutorial on how to start on 3D modeling:

Now that you have your files, you are probably ready to finally get started. First, open up Pepakura Viewer and go to File, Open. Find your file you downloaded and select it. Now you should see the model in the window and on the other side a layout of the parts on the paper. If you don’t see the parts on the paper the file may be an .obj file that hasn’t been unfolded, a.k.a taken apart so you can print it. You can look around for a helpful member that may be willing to unfold it for you. If it has come up, you can use the program to click pieces on the model to help you see how to put it together.

Now open Pepakura Designer and open up the file just like you did with the Viewer program. We’re now going to have to make the armor big or small enough to fit us, because everyone isn’t the same size. Visit soon for part 2.


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